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Frequently Asked Questions:
*If you cancel a cleaning without proper notification there will
be a $25.00 service charge.

*There will be a $25.00 lockout fee charged if we cannot
access the home.

Why should I use Low Country Maid Services?
“When it comes to CLEANING, we clean it all!”  We really do, and by
going the extra mile to do little things that other maid services will not do,
we set higher standard and keep our clients happy.  We go to great
lengths to hire the right people to clean our clients' homes, and to make
sure that we completely understand all of your needs before entering
your home to clean it.  We are also
 We are professionals, and more than happy to provide you
all of our documentation.

What is Low Country Maid Service’s Guarantee?
We care about our cleaning services to you, and because of that, we
offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If something was missed, and you
are not satisfied with your house or office cleaning, please notify us within
24 hours of the cleaning and we will send the maid(s) back at our
expense to correct the problem.

We ask for performance feedback from all of our clients.  We want
to know if we missed even a minor item.  Our customer service, and
desire to please our clients, ensures consistent and high quality
cleaning.  We also love positive feedback, so don’t hesitate to leave
the maids a note or call us!  

Do you have references?
Absolutely.  Please call 379-MAID or email us and we will make them
available to you immediately.

What kind of cleanings do you offer?
We offer routine cleans, deep cleans (also known as a spring clean),
move in/move out cleans, and commercial cleanings (including
restaurants, clubs, stores, etc.), and construction cleanings.  Do you
need to get your home ready for sale?  No problem, give us a call!  
We will also customize a cleaning to fit your needs.

What if I want something extra done?
Then we will do it!  Windows, laundry, organizing, carpets, polishing
brass and silver, cleaning silk plants, etc. are no problem at all!  We like
to spend visits with potential clients telling them all the extra things that
we do, which surprises most people.  This is what makes Low Country
Maid Services unique, because we are willing to go the extra mile in order
to achieve customer satisfaction.

Is there anything you won’t do?
Yes.  Due to health concerns (toxoplasmosis) we cannot clean cat boxes.
Blood, vomit, and any body fluids need to be cleaned through a bio
hazard cleaning service.

Do you supply all cleaning supplies and equipment?
Our cleaning supplies are primarily commercial products made for
residential use.  They are very mild, easy on people (especially children),
and pets.  Sometimes, for a first time cleaning, we will use a stronger
product like “Comet” or “Soft Scrub” in your bathrooms, and possibly in
your kitchen.  Comet is regularly used to clean the toilet bowls only.  If
used elsewhere, it is with special permission from a Supervisor or you, our

If you have a preference for a specific product that we do not carry,
then we are happy to use it instead of our own, but we do ask that
you supply it.  For example, we use Murphy’s Oil for wood floors.  
Some clients prefer a different product, which is no problem for us
as long as the client provides it.  We also do not carry marble or
granite cleaners.

Will you send the same maid(s) to my home?
Absolutely!  Just let us know what you prefer.  If you want, we will even
rotate our maids at your request so you can be sure you found the
perfect cleaning team.

What if I am unhappy with a cleaning?
Please call us within 24 hours if something was missed during your
cleaning.  We try very hard, but sometimes we do make mistakes.  We
guarantee our services 100%, so we will return to correct the problem at
no additional charge to you.

If something small was missed that you would just like to let us know
about, please call, email, or leave a note for the maid(s) on your next
cleaning.  Don't hesitate to tell us, we do not want to make the same
mistake twice.  Communication is very important.  If we don’t hear from
you, we will assume everything is okay.

We welcome all feedback so we can continue providing quality
services to you!

Should I be home when the maid(s) comes to clean my home?
Sure, if you would like to be!  Or, if you prefer go shopping, spend some
time with your little ones, and enjoy the day!  Feel free to do so while we
take care of your needs, and you can come home to a clean house!

Will you do laundry for me?
Absolutely!  It’s not part of our standard cleaning list, but many of our
clients like to add it to our other duties.  We will also starch and iron if

How do I pay you?
All we ask is that you please do!  Most customers start out by leaving a
check on the counter, or cash.  We also accept credit card payments
through Pay Pal, and you do not have to have an account with Pay Pal to
pay us!  We have our financial software set up to email our client’s their
invoices with a Pay Pal button right at the very top so all you have to do
is click and pay.
"When it Comes to Cleaning, We Clean it all!"
"When it Comes to Cleaning, We Clean it all!"
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